Monday, October 27, 2008

Behind The Sterile Doors and Wicked Act

I agree, the most exciting part of becoming an intern is when you're gonna have the chance to assist a major case. Name all the major cases you can! Not just that, the pressure you'll feel whenever the surgeon will ask you anything and everything under the sun or let's just call it ambush oral revalida. Anxiety is at it's height when you'll get into it. I do believe in short term memory too. Like in naming all the instruments to be used in surgery. While the operation is going on, presence of mind is needed thus you are forced to memorize all those stuffs in front of you on the spot. But do you know that those tools used for saving some people's lives are the same tools used in stealing one's life too? Pro-life people call these as TOOLS OF DEATH. This fact has never popped up in my mind 'til I surfed some sites campaigning against abortion. I maybe a bad (daughter, sister or friend) but I really can't imagine killing innocent babies. I love babies. I am so fond of them. Abortion is just a word, I know but do we really know it's aftermath? Where is the love in this wicked act? I believe that life begins at conception. Just click the following links if you can take it. How can they kill fetuses at first term, second term and the late term? Too bad, their killing is silent but be careful it's not just the world who is watching, God is witnessing those acts too. I bet He is crying. Whether I like it or not, I'd be practicing my (soon to be) profession. I would really encrypt it on my mind that I won't attend to this kind of madness. I will become a mother soon and I am pro to life.

Friday, October 24, 2008

LotusJump: Anyone?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pigging Out

It has been a long time that Regine and I was out for a date together. I missed that b*tch so much! We have planned to visit Kaye and her son, but we end up piggin' out at Zoey since the heavy rain plus thunder and lighting won't allow us. We crossed our fingers together to pay Kaye a visit as soon as possible.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Night Out with BFF

Semestral break has come! Cheers to the stressed out people! Okay, deal with me now people, I only have 4-day break which means I'd be studying for my upcoming big day. And talking about exam, it's not only me who's gonna be taking it. I'll hide her persona in the name of Maureen. LOL. I miss my BFF and it has been a while that Maureen and I was out together. Hmmm, let me guess, about 5 months or less? Anyway, what's the point here is that we're gonna enjoy the night(as if). Since we're both pressured of the situation: we only got a semester before we will leave for the real world. Huhuhu! I hope by this time, graduation's going to be real. Good luck to the both of us!

*Thanks for the treat Tatay Kurt!
**Thanks for the ride Kuya Doi! (LOL! as if close.. shhh!!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

With Our Beloved Jet

We all thought that this day will be our last meeting, so we ended up taking some photos for memorabilia. But I guess we still have one more day. The class is small but the people composing it are so loud. Hahaha! You want some living proof? He is in the person of Jethro, our Pysche instructor. How I will miss the fun (kiddin' time, double meaning jokes, stupidity, my MCS moments and the like) we have had. Hmmm! Hope to bump them soon on the road of life as a journey! **Peace out!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blessed and Cursed

I have had a great aftie. I approached my clinical instructor in Disturbances in Metabolism regarding my grades and saw it so satisfying. OMG! I was kind of flattered ( since I took the thought positively LOL) when he said that "Ms. Paulo, akala ko mag-tatop notch ka na." Like duh, he was really expecting from me. But at least, in any other way I passed the most difficult theory this semester. And I ain't aiming for the unreachable star. I just want a passing mark but how blessed I am for I have received more than what I expected. Thank God! Still my shillyshally character is governing me. What will happen to my barely 8 month date with my nursing books? Ahhhh realizations again. Oh c'mon!! I want to make right move! I feel like I'm cursed. Help me out from this hell!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Van the Great

A Tribute: Thank you for the wonderful oral revalida experience. We have learned a lot from you and that will always be remembered. LOL. Do you have an idea who he really is? Personally, I don't know him that much. Except for the fact that he is our clinical instructor. And according to my sources, he has always been the most charming guy in our nursing school. And not to forget the hopeless romantic girls who were always wishing to own his heart. Too bad girls, he's taken but you thank God for he's not yet married. I encountered him first in one of those case sharing days and our emergency unit duty. He's nice, really. He gave us the chance of experiencing our desire: becoming a nurse. I guess he isn't a jinx too, haha! You want a proof? Hmmm, we just have about 15 cases in one emergency unit blocking. LOL, that is a good record for one shift in MHS-ER Unit history. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't say more about him. If you wanna know him, just proceed to MSH-ER and beware. *winks! Someone is watching over you and your moves.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Desperate Housewife from Hell

FAVE DIALOGUE IN IISA PA LAMANG: SCARLET: walang hiya ka! KATE: mas walang hiya ka! SCARLET: homewrecker!!! KATE: adulteress!! SCARLET: social climber!!! KATE: slut!!! SCARLET: black widow!!! KATE: desperate housewife from hell!!!! I just can't get over with this. I feel like this is one of the best.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hardcore Debaters

I was one of the ladies in the house, as their accurate and reliable time-keeper. Being part of the Literary Event facilitators was such a nice job for me, for I was benefited. All I know before was how to play and score volleyball. I only find fun under the heat of the sun. I was so loud before; I did shouting, growling, bragging to the extent of behaving like a boy. And now the volleyball player has transformed into a refined one. I was tasked to do the paperworks and the like. How happy and scared I was for it was my first time to facilitate such event and what's worse is that I was assigned as the timekeeper in the debate competition. And you know what's the funny thing about it? It's just that I really have no idea on what to do. I've witnessed such event but I didn't know that it is so complicated. Luckily, my foster brother was kind enough to discuss with me about it's mechanics and matters. With that, it gave me a broader view and sense about what debate really is. I have had an eerie experience too. Is it kind of peculiar feeling when the debaters would recognize you together with the adjudicators? I was flattered, really. Poor soul. Like was I really reliable? I think twice and please do that too. I have met some of the debaters, especially those who have reached the final round. They were really brilliant. Oh! I so love their mind! For it wasn't marred with conventional thoughts and theories, unlike my boyfriend.
The champions and the adjudicators.
Anyway, what I just hope is that a debating society in Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College will be realized in the near future. We have brilliant students and of course, mentors: Mr. Omar Hussien and Mr. Toto Pagdato and not to mention our very own clinical instructors who were hardcore debaters way back in their time. So I guess there is no known excuse in here. Please make it happen.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hitting the Books

I was awakened by the inspiring message of a newly met person, "You girl in green, hit your books!" That wise words of an old lady stunned me for a while and made me realize something: that I should get started in doing the right thing for the upcoming big day of my life. Oh well! This is it. A thought popped up in my mind, what kind of book was she pertaining of? Hmmm! Then I woke up to the harsh reality that I was in my review class. Hahaha! I'm just wondering why nursing books aren't of my taste. I wanted to study but I lack the strategies. Who is willing to help my poor soul by the way? Haha! Kidding! But you know what I really wanted to say? It's just that I miss my fancy books nowadays. Not only them, I miss playing volleyball and chess. Boohoo! Okay, I should get focused and determined. And those fancy books should stay away from me, for a while only. Yoohoo!! Nursing books! Here I come! Let's have an eight months serious date and I'm gonna treat you right!

Friday, October 03, 2008


I'm back people! August and September has been a hard time for me. I was bombarded with tons of work yet ended up procrastinating. Anyway, that ain't new. My mind is blank and I really don't have the idea on what to blog. Oh now I remember, hehe!! Have you ever heard FM Static? I so love their song Tonight. It has been playing on my mind since I heard it over Renzie's Friendster account. And It goes like this:
And oh! Whoever made this, thank you! I love this movie too. I just don't know what's really with this song. Argghhh!! I need some fun here dude! And talking about fun, Semestral break is fast approaching. There's another thing that I should be getting excited with, and it is our plan. We're going to a pool party with my girls! Weeee!! I know everyone of us at school is under pressure due to our grades and stuff. I really want to make it this semester and God willingly it's going to be my last semester in college and I'll be thrown off to the real world. Okay, I'm now starting to accept this fact, but of course in a gradual manner. I don't know what would be the next episode after this. I'd like to enroll Military nursing course after our imminent board exam or acquire master's degree or just take all the needed exams. Help me make up my foolish mind.