Monday, May 18, 2009

Woody Wood

Who would not love to have a personal library at home? That idea for me sounds great especially when it is furnished with rustic furniture which jives with my taste. While most of the designs today are too futuristic, well for me I will go the other way. I’ll choose the retro style plus don’t forget the country music. And hey! Take a look at rustic furniture if you’re like of my taste. Then enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reality Bites

My favorite article done by Kaysia T. Monera for the Clone First Issue S.Y. 2008-2009.

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If there’s one truth that hurts, it’s the fact that you can’t have everything you want. “Well, who cares, I don’t want everything!” You might argue. But come to think of it, who doesn’t like to become someone who can get anything he wants exactly when he most wanted it? You see, everybody would always have same “thing” wished for to have; some precious hidden thought longed to happen.

The boy who usually gets _______ at school wished he would grow faster realizing later that those who picked on him would always be bigger because they’re older. Then there’s the fat ugly duckling that will never get noticed by her prince charming because he’s bewitched by the sexy and popular cheer leader who consistently retouches her make-up every five minutes. Well, here comes Miss Prudential life who seriously studies her lessons every night only to get middle to low marks at class. She envies the “topnotchers” the real smart ones and those who secretly cheat alike.

The list goes on... Perhaps you can add some of your personal scenes yourself. You see somebody would always wish he were a superman or that she’s wonder woman. Well maybe not that all too powerful supernatural beings, just probably the perfect human being. He who’s muscular and smarter and she who’s’ got the body, beauty and brains. Some wished people surrounding them were different; if only there’s enough money to go around; and that things didn’t happen the way they were or they are now. Take a closer look at it and you’ll soon realize that even if you do things the right way some would still be unsatisfied, some will not appreciate, and others would let you down.

This is not a perfect world nor is a perfect life, life unfair! Thus, the challenge is to live to the fullest and be happy with it. If we can’t have the best of what we want, we should learn to make the best of what we have. The happiest people aren’t those who have many things in life, they are those who walk with God and make the best of whatever comes their way. There goes one hard reality to live by.

Friday, May 01, 2009

35 More Days and I Should Get Brighter Than Sunshine

Today is officially May here in the Philippines. And I am on my way to the day, of which will determine my future. Anxiety is starting to build up but don't want to end up with panicking. You know what's the good thing in anxiety? I mean mild anxiety, it drives you to become more focused and how I love the feeling. Phew! I got to make this. As if the choices are only making or breaking it. Erase! Erase! Erase! The only choice is to make it!!

I hope my dear month of May would be so productive. I should get brighter than sunshine by this month. I should! I know I can make it.