Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sir Julius, the Catalyst

I just met this man this week. Yes! He's a man. I could depict him in a way that every woman would really long for him. LOL. He's tall, about 6'; young and smart. I could never deny my fascination the day he handled a 4-day lecture at the review center where I have enrolled myself in preparation for my board examination.

OMG. I hated the way he manages the class for he is so intelligent and wise yet so gentle. Like I have witnessed how he modified the behavior we are having. The class would just put everything at stake: going home late, missing the sunset and fave shows, skipping meals, postponing dates and all those white lies we can have just to attend and listen to his lecture. He's a one hot ass change agent or catalyst for that matter.

But how poor are we students, for the time allotted for our lecture is already up. (Sigh!) Hmmm I wish that... nothing. And yeah, meet the lucky girl of his life, his wife. Oh man! He's married. So girls, stop dreaming! LMAO.

New Home, New Webhost

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Dreaming of White Sands and Beaches

I wish that time would run so fast that tomorrow would already be June or July. Sigh! I'm so tired of sleeping together with my books. I'm so sick of admiring those lecturers who'll just butt in inside the classroom bringing nothing with them but only a whiteboard maker. I'm nauseated too see how thick the pile of my review notes plus answering sheets and stuff. I want to vomit all of them. Cheer up girl! Cheer up. I’m already sniffling here. Would someone love to bring me to this place? Anyone?! Yoohoo!

Yes! On my wish list are Panglao, Siquijor or just Camiguin. Come away with me babe, in my dreams. LOL.