Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dies Miserable and Alone

My best-loved tag line: "He loved her like there was no tomorrow." I was still a freshie that time when my English Instructor (Nikka Biong) invited me and my classmates to have a blast at their place. I was expecting a movie marathon, well it really was. They brought Phantom of the Opera, King Kong, Goblet of Fire and If Only. I did not care on what to watch since in the very first place, I ain't a movie buff. But after the bidding, the folks decided to watch If Only.
After his impetuous musician girlfriend, Samantha, dies in an accident shortly after they had a fight (and nearly broke up), a grief-stricken British businessman, Ian Wyndham, living in London gets a chance to relive the day all over again, in the hope of changing the events that led up to her getting killed. Overwhelmed by the devastating end of the movie, some of the folks said that much better if we had chosen the other one. It was just so peculiar that right then after the movie, all of us were teary-eyed (while others were wiping their tears), quiet and appalled. Even our guys proved that "boys don't cry" is a lie. I was so hopeless romantic that moment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Student Nurse's Notes

I deal with life.

Phew! I have to say goodbye to my naivety. As far as I'm concerned, I'm now one step closer to reality. Does it ring a bell? Dude, I'm now next in line. I'm confused on what to do next. Mama, help me! I'm so so anxious. I am thinking that after this thesis issue, I'm gonna face the extensive review then the local board examination, then what's next? Loads of trainings, seminars, exposures and etc. I don't wanna lose my mind people. I have a big dream. Will that dream transform into reality? Will I ever make it? Poor soul, I can't say so. I have to wait and work hard for this or shall I say I'll just refer this to my future.

Goin' Loco Over Blaire Headbands

This is me and Manellie who got loco over headbands. There are variety of colors and styles you can choose for. But one thing is for sure, I can't buy those for the reason that I cannot use it. The ribbon is somewhat big which will make you become a head turner. Haha! Anyway, we just captured this moment merely for fun.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sounds Interesting

I have loved the Apple's MacBook Air advertising campaign song New Soul by Yaël Naim. Frankly speaking, it's not just about the song but the gadget. Huhu! I want it so badly but I have to bear with my HP. Anyway, thank you Papa, this is too bad for a gift. To forget my illusion, I deviated my attention to the voice behind the campaign ad. I have searched so much about her. She's 29 and of French-Israeli origin. Yaël is obviously a singer-songwriter that plays the guitar and piano. But what really amazed me is her own version of Britney Spear's Toxic. Impressive as I depict it. I was intoxicated with her voice and the sound of the pleasing piano.
You just heard it right dude. Bravo! From an energetic that makes-you-wanna-dance version of Britney to a jazzy-classical that makes-you-wanna-sleep version of Yaël. Wow! That was a great blast. OMG, this is gonna be another LSS (last song syndrome).

Strictly Handwritten

Oh c'mon! This guiding principle is madness. Our clinical instructor demanded that our requirements should be strictly handwritten, it's a great liability for me. I'm not in the mood to write and what worsens the burden is that there are about 30 diagnostic tests to be written together with their definition, indications, normal and abnormal results, significance and nursing responsibilities. In fact, I'm not using my numerous abnormal-sized bookS (with the capital S) and that book you see? It is only used for clarifying some stuff. Darn this day. I'm only getting data from the internet. Who the heck cares? As if he instructed us to put the references, he didn't anyway. This really makes me feel so sick and tired. Procrastination, here I come. I terribly need some help here. Take me out from this deep abyss guys. Boohoo!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Base

My parents raised me in Mindanao --- the Land of Promise. If you ask where's my place specifically? I'll answer you these:

1. City of Waterfalls --- Indeed, it has 23 waterfalls with 8 springs + 15 caves if you love spelunking. Oh well, not to forget our pride: Timoga Spring Pools.

2. Industrial City of the South --- You can find 12 manufacturing plants varying its products from food to steel.

3. Center of Excellence in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics --- It is where Mindanao State University-Iligan Institue of Technology is situated. It was acknowledged as one of the best universities in Philippines.

Technically speaking, Iligan is about 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. You can reach the place by plane via Cagayan de Oro city or a vessel from major ports like Manila and Cebu. Iligan is very rich in culture, and the living proof: existence of cultural minorities. Much to my surprise, "kalesa" is still used as a mode of transportation up to this time. I am also gratified to see people with different faith live in this place harmoniously. Most of the Iliganons are Roman Catholic, they patronize Saint Michael the Archangel and celebrates a lavish festival every 29th day of September.

I am contented with the kind of life I have here in Iligan. The standard of living is not costly. I don't enjoy nightlife that much so I guess I really suit here. I love nature of which Iligan is so blessed with it. I have visited most of the renowed waterfalls, I have climbed up to Mt. Agad-agad, done spelunking with my co-marshals during the adventure race, enjoyed summer time at the spring pools and so much more. You can also find the ancestral home of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo near the spot of Timoga where you'll surely enjoy the icy-cold and crystal-clear flowing spring pools.

I have had a joyous childhood memories here in Iligan. No matter where my fate will bring me hereafter; sure enough that my mind, heart and soul will find its way home and get a rest to a place called -Iligan.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Before She left

Gotcha! I have been waiting for so long to have this picture and finally she has posted it at Multiply. Anyway, this was my very last picture with her before she left back to Manila. We're at the "background ng Iligan", at Aruma being treated by her aunt. Thanks Tita Remy for the sponsor. Hehe!

After the treat, we have decided to watch her brother's basketball game fighting for the championship. As expected, the team we sided won. Lucky charm, that's what we are. We looked like cradle snatchers while cheering and howling? for the team, haha! We were kinda girlish in our get up but that fact was eradicated due to the thrill and excitement we've felt. Haha, poor girls.

Anyhow, the time we've spent together might be short but surely this October, we're gonna catch up the missed moments, and this time is with the whole troop. Oh! Maria Cristina Falls, you're on our next list. I'm so so excited but wait, I should study my lessons first and foremost, haha! Stop dreaming sweety Shlat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beautiful But Deadly

T'was one Tuesday morning when I rushed my way to the hospital for a patient's visit but ended up bumping with my duty mates on the hallway. I was shocked with the GOOD news they're bringing, we're not gonna have our duty. I was grinning for the reason that I can now escape the long strictly handwritten requirements. But suddenly, our clinical instructor appeared and has decided to do a journal sharing and one-on-one checking of our day 1 requirements. Oh well, this is it, in exchange for no duty is another cavalry.

As one of my duty mates is sharing about anticholinergic drugs, I opened my borrowed pharmacology book to the desired page and as I went through, I have read somethin' about belladonna a.k.a. deadly nightshade.

Atropa belladona

The article tickled me because of the funny fact that ages ago, it was used by some women to dilate their pupils --- to look more attractive and innocent. Hahaha! I couldn't believe that these women were vain too. Oh vanity, one of my favorite sin!

But this time, the use of belladona in cosmetics are banned due to the following side effects: minor visual disturbances, increased heart rate and if it is used chronically, it may cause blindness.

So girls, may this be a good warning for us. Sounds so funny but it really can cause serious consequences. It makes me think that it's really good to be natural.

Mom's Fave Aftie Show

I wonder why my mom is now having a habit of watching television. I have just recently discovered that she is hooked to ABS-CBN's Telenovela, El Cuerpo del Deseo (The Body of Desire) as translated. I asked her what the story is all 'bout.

It's about a rich old man, Pedro Denoso who is madly in love with his young wife, Isabel Arroyo. He suddenly died in the early scene and experienced transmigration through the body of Salvador Cerinza. He then discovered the dirty secrets of his ex-wife and daughter, Angela Denoso. He will come back to put all things back to track and save the people who truly love him.

The casts are gorgeous. Maybe the reason why my mom likes the show is because the story has it's twist and turn effects and most prolly because it has a unique tale, mixed romance-drama-mystery.

Friends for Keeps

Oh so high school. Damn! I'm a bit mawkish. Oh yeah, celebrating the 8 years of friendship despite the distance who's acting like a bitch. That is why whenever they're home, we never failed to patch up the missed times. I miss the fun we have had, the volleyball training and tournaments, the sharing of assignments (the fact that we're not classmates), the CAT moments, acquaintance parties, band storms, our late night activities, broadways, cheer dance competition, high school love, our first times and oh for sure I couldn't enumerate them all. By the way, these two occurrence shouldn't be forgotten: the professors we've met, who have molded us and their specialty, whether in the field of math, science, english, social science, PEHM, values education or CAT for they've helped us in becoming what we want to be in the near future. That was high school and now we're already next in line to be thrown off to the real world.

To start with, here's Regine Marrize. She's a junior nursing student at Liceo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro City. She is frank and funny. She was one of those quality cheer dancers during our time. She's graceful. I bet she got this talent from her granny who is good in tango and swing. Yes, I know her granny. She hates math, our common denominator. That's why we need a partner in life who is good in math. Haha! She may seem like a mean girl but she's not unless you'll provoke her. She'll surely kick your ass.

Next is Kaye Lucille Marie, my emo-punk fanatic and naughty friend. She was one of the top list student at the guidance office and student affairs. She's a real ass head turner. You'll notice her in all black motif (from head to toe) which made our principal and counselors freaked out. She took nursing but shifted psychology. She's an honor student at their institution before one hurtful day came. She got pregnant by her ex-bf who has managed to leave her. All her dreams were shattered. People casted her out. Anyway, don't you worry sweety, we're still here for you.
Here's my MALDITA ija, Leia. She is the daughter of my dad's late friend, Tito Sammy. She's studying Business Administration ( Entrepreneurial Marketing) at MSU-IIT. Leia is the typical girl next door. She struts the dance floor like a model and grinds and jives on the freeway like a dancer. She's not just that, she's a true friend. She's outspoken yet fragile. She's true. Everyone feels insecure when she's around. And oh so head over heels with his man, Simon. They are both lovely and talented couple. I'll expect a wedding invitation in the how many years from now? No one can tell. *Grins
Lastly, my hopeless romantic amiga, Maureen Angelica. I can describe her as a down-to-earth person, stunningly pretty with brains and a rich kid. I met her through her sister, Baba who happened to be a close friend of my cousin. She plays piano and is very good in swimming and volleyball and whats more? Hmmmm... A maven in technical writing and public speaking. Did I mention that she was crowned as the Ms Palakasan 2004? Thinking that she's the only high school that time and all the other contenders were college students. Much less, she bagged most of the major awards. Haha! That's Maureen, very competitive one. After that, she joined another pageant and has qualified as one for the finalists of the Ms Teen Philippines 2005. Right now, she's studying at Ateneo de Manila University taking up Communications Technology Management.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ms. Venezuela Reigns

OMG! She's one real hot woman that could undeniably be every man's dream. Misss Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada, 22 years of age from Caracas, Venezuela was crowned as the Ms Universe 2008 held at Central Vietnam’s resort city Nha Trang. No need to mention the worth of her tiara, it's just an overwhelming $120,000!! BAckground check, she is just working as a model of renowned fashion designers in Europe. And oh! How lucky her fate is, she'll surely enjoy her world travel, her new flat at NY, her free access at the beauty salons and oh her unlimited supply of apparels. Not only that, a part of her duty is to teach the people about the prevention of acquiring HIV/AIDS. How lucky are those people who's gonna have the chance to listen a lecture from someone like her. She's smart as proven by how she wittingly answered the query. Oh well gentlemen, keep dreaming! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Paid Work's Victim: Children

The increase demand of time of the work today devours the family’s quality time. Paid work not only dwells in our physical and mental lives but also in our social, emotional and spiritual lives as well. In this connection, work has not just become people’s source of money but for self-identification.
I met Marija (not her real name, of course) again last month at a family gathering. She is 16, young and sweet. She grew up with both working parents. She’s the only daughter, she claimed it to me. I nosily asked her about how’s her life going on since we last saw each other about 6 years ago.
She gleefully talks about her accomplishments at school, her successful clarinet recitals when she was young (now she’s playing the drums), her wacky swimming lessons, and her travels to distant places with friends. And oh not to mention, her big dreams when she’ll be in college, to take up International Studies and proceed Law.
Like the usual chitchats that I encounter, I really did try to open up issues about her life, like her parent’s. She did pause for a while. She sighed “I love them both but I do not know if they love me back.” Her smile faded and it turned out to a puckered brow. I sarcastically bursted into laughter which made her anxious. Then I kept my mouth shut. Then she candidly told me the tale that woke me up to a harsh reality.
Like she has always been saying, she’s a daughter of parents both working in a prestigious company. She grew up in life where the driver sends and fetches her to and from school. When she comes home from school, she only sees her nana waiting for her outside the door, not her mom. And during recitals, she never sees her parents in the audience clapping their hands for appreciation. “I wonder how it feels to have very supportive parents, like what people call stage mom or stage dad. I wish mom is not working like a dog; I wish dad can give me enough time, teach me in my hard math and physics subjects instead of sending me into tutorial centre.” Her parents’ attitude in always turning down leisure and the obsessive love of work is not new to Marija. “I even detest the Lord’s Day, because it’s only our time to be together but you what are they doing? Facing their laptops, checking emails, ensuring what’s the latest, browsing the websites. It really cheeses me off.” She shouted out all her complaints and annoyance to me. Oh well, there was silence that time plus the gush of wind chilled her. She continued to talk and I tried to listen. I tried to listen because in my mind, I am associating the kind of life that I have to her. Yeah, she gets what she wants (electronic leashes, whims and caprices, travel tickets) but not what she badly needs (her parent’s time). Poor Marija, if she only knew how really hard life is. Hard in terms of the financial aspect, you know. Oh what I mean is that the kind of life that I am having.
But before her nana called her to leave the place, she whispered to me something like this " If I'm going to have a family of my own, I'll try hard not to let my kids experience what I've been through. I'll make sure that I will provide all my children's necessities, not only the material needs but the emotinal needs as well." She’s a victim of paid work, and she has this feminist mind yet she has this innocent idea in her beautiful mind: to give up her everything for her future kids. It was kind of mushy hearing. I just can’t believe that after all those mean words that she has said a while ago; she has still a good heart. A heart that is unmarred with the chauvinism done by the paid work.